Guest Spot with Andy Bowie Quartet this Sunday

Tenor sax man Andy Bowie (right)Andy Bowie is leading the charge of straight-ahead jazz in Cambridge by establishing a new regular gig at the Tram Depot on East Road.  Andy’s long-running Sunday evening gig at the Clarendon Arms sadly recently came to an end, but fortunately the manager of the Tram Depot agreed to give him a month’s trial.  Things got off to a good start, with decent audiences for weeks 1 and 2, but last week wasn’t so hot.  Andy needs a good attendance this Sunday, the last of the trial weeks, to seal the deal and get the gig to continue, so please come on down at 20:30 if you’re in favour of live jazz in Cambridge.  It won’t cost you more than a drink from the bar.  I’ll be on towards the end of the first set and in the second set.  For Facebooky-types, here’s the event:

P.S. East Road will be closed to vehicles over the weekend.  Please approach the pub on foot or by cycle.  The nearest accessible parking is likely to be Queen Anne (Gonville Place) or the streets off Parkside.

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