From the archive: two classical pieces

My recent bit of fun with Adventure Time got me looking back through some old compositions and I unearthed two very different pieces which I have recordings of, both written when I was in sixth form (2005-2007).  The first, Kyma (meaning ‘waves’ in Greek) is a piece which to me evokes the vastness of the rolling deep ocean.  I conducted a performance of it at Fitzwilliam College with The Orchestra on the Hill in 2009, which is where this recording is from:


The other piece is a study in neoclassical composition, which I was studying at the time, and in particular, Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks.  My theme is a direct homage to his.  This was performed in the Duke’s Hall of the Royal Academy of Music (as pictured) by the Junior Academy Conductors’ Ensemble in 2007, with Louisa Denby conducting:


Although these days I’m mainly writing jazz, I’ve never lost my love for classical music and hopefully I’ll have the chance to write for orchestras again soon!


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